FinTech Strategy

How FS firms can make the most out of FinTech

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Banks must integrate and innovative with FinTechs to deliver sustainable digital journeys and customer outcomes through…

Connected ecosystems

Digital currency as mainstream

AI-powered mass personalisation

Every engagement acts as a point of reference

Lifestyle integrated services

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FinTech Readiness

See if you are ready to engage with FinTechs
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FinTech Strategy

Develop your FinTech strategy and your roadmap
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FinTech Implementation Execution

Execute your strategy, engage new FinTechs, and integrate them into your business
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Customer Benefits

Your customers have access to a wider range of solutions offering new ways of achieving their goals

Your customers get quicker solutions avoiding long release cycles for legacy software

FinTech products often have a much better customer experience than core banking systems

A better experience for your end customers means increased retention rates; why go elsewhere if you can delight them with your FinTech partners

Dealing with FinTechs drives process improvements in your own business to become more agile and flexible

You can combine offerings from different FinTechs and develop brand new solutions for your customers

Going beyond ‘surface level’ personalisation to embed into daily lives of customers will dominate the future of banking

Open Banking/Finance

As customers start to understand and assess the value of their data — many FinTechs have revolutionised the way millions of people manage their finances and use their data (e.g., as Monzo, Starling)

Automation through Smart Solutions

Beyond bots, a combination of automation & AI will be the future of FinTech that will help reinvent customer experience while retaining relevance (e.g., Kabbage, Upstart, Cleo)

Banking on Consumer Platforms

GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) brands are expanding from mobile payments into loans, insurance & mortgages. Legacy players and new FinTechs will find it difficult to withstand the pressure created by well-financed, data-rich, consumer-focused GAFA brands

Payments Solutions

One app, one sign-in, one user experience — for virtually any product or service a customer may want or need (e.g., WeChat, AliPay, Grab, Zalo, etc.)

Super Apps

Many Fintech payments startups have already established tools to provide seamless and secure payments experiences for everyone (e.g., as Flutterwave, M10, Sila etc.)

How to engage with FinTechs...


Discover what FinTech firms are out there and what they offer


Do due diligence research into FinTechs, including their client base, their owners, their competitors, their tech stack, and their funding status


Ensure your business processes are streamlined to onboard FinTechs


Reach out to the relevant contacts at the FinTechs for initial discussions


If there is scope for a collaboration or integration, arrange a partnership agreement


Work with the FinTech technical team to integrate their software with your systems