A strategy and execution platform that puts you in control of your change journey

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A strategy and execution platform that puts you in control of your change journey

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The tool your change department needs to deliver complex change programmes

modellr is changing how change is done in financial services companies. It is a secure SaaS platform that combines your business data with your operating model to create a live view of your business on a single page. Giving you complete oversight of your change process. 

See how your strategy will impact your business

modellr is the only tool that allows you to see the potential impact your strategy will have on your business, before you execute it. By connecting your business data to your operating model, you can test scenarios to see the potential effects on your business outcomes.  


Make your complex change projects smarter

modellr shows where you have gaps in your strategy and where you have projects that are not aligned to your desired business outcomes. This gives you the ability to:

  1. Comprehensively link strategy, execution and measurement
  2. Provide accelerated as-is, to-be, impact analyses, and problem solving from your data
  3. Deliver a single place for change and measurement, breaking silos

Ensure your projects are delivering what was expected

modellr tracks operational KPIs to provide a baseline for your strategic objectives and tracks the benefits of delivered projects. This is the benefit of linking your business data with the operating model; your strategic outcomes are clear, you know exactly what projects will deliver those outcomes, and that those outcomes have been met. 


Make change measurable and manageable 

modellr connects your existing business data together, giving you a complete view of your current performance and progress against KPIs. modellr uses API integration to connect your existing business data, allowing you to gain insights into the performance of your business.

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Start your change projects faster 

We tailor our pre-made reference models to build you a tailored operating model that reflects your business, reducing delivery time by 50%*.

*Compared to traditional consultancy led operating model design.

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Connect your tools together 

modellr has been designed to work with your existing tools to enable seamless integration. Its lightweight, no-code service means that modellr is easy to install and tailor to your needs.

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Unleash the power of your business data 

modellr’s decision intelligence engine enables you to make the right decision at the right time. modellr’s colour coded UI means that problems are easy to spot and gives you greater control.

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Configured for you by change experts 

modellr's team of change experts set up the platform to perfectly match your business. We develop connections to your bespoke systems, meaning everything works together seamlessly. Our experts take care of everything for you, meaning your team can focus on what they do best.

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