modellr is the first digital operating model system. modellr uses your operational and change data to drive insights and help you make the right decisions.

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Live operating models for change leaders

Our practitioners bring 100+ years of FS business expertise across a variety of domains – cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, cost efficiency and more

From vision and design to implementation and performance measurement – we provide the industry standard for elite operating models

Visualises and organises your business data to help you see the relationships within your business that matter. From impact analysis and risk hot spots to efficiency opportunities or action plans – modellr can help.

Measure your operating model performance, its adoption over time and re-calibrate to be a truly data-driven business. Our practitioners will assist delivering on decisions that have been made

I’m a Head of Change


“I want to get my project portfolio funded by showing options about the impact on our business capabilities”

I’m a COO


“I want to demonstrate to a regulator how our capabilities mature over time and comply with regulations”