Waltz Implementation

Accelerate your technology decision-making

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What is Waltz?

Waltz allows you to visualise and define your organisation's technology landscape. Think of it like a structured Wiki for your architecture.

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Why common challenges in financial services are difficult to solve…

Disjointed data

Dependency on external teams

Lack of knowledge sharing

Siloed approaches

PowerPoint architecture

Slow to kick-off projects

Unclear strategy

How does Leading Point use Waltz to accelerate change delivery?

We have our own unified data framework linking datasets together

We have out-of-the-box domain and capability models to accelerate development

We have a proven approach to implement & integrate data sets in Waltz

Customer Benefits

Save millions of £ on consulting fees​

View your architecture and make improved change choices​

Lower effort to produce regulatory submissions

Quicker time-to-market with your projects​

Build a genuine community providing critical crowd-sourced knowledge

Increased oversight of your project releases