Information security ISO certification for AdJoint, who needed to comply with legislation across multiple jurisdictions

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The Challenge

AdJoint required ISO certification to comply with legislation, across multiple jurisdictions, and increase confidence in their brand.
Due to the nature of their clients (fortune 500 and international companies), a widely recognised accreditation was required. The firm's incorporation of next generation processing, such as distributed ledger technology (DLT),
increased the complexity to achieve certification.

Their global teams in the UK, Switzerland and USA, were undergoing a heavy scaling-up.

The Ask

We were asked to customise and implement an ISO 27001 framework for global accreditation in IT security management.

The Approach

  1. Capture delivery requirements
  2. Create relevant policies, procedures and a controls framework, for applicable IT functions
  3. Perform gap analysis and risk assessment
  4. Establish clear roles and responsibilities and deliver a formal training program
  5. Conduct internal assurance audit to identify incidents and data breaches
  6. Lead external certification process with BSI, through Stage 1 and 2 completion
  7. Provide agile delivery through

The Results

  • Effective coverage of all ISMS mandatory requirements surrounding ISO 27001
  • A new performance management system to track controls in company processes, structure and focal points
  • Global delivery, with clear road-mapping structure
  • Scaled offerings in open APIs and raised brand in the market
  • Improved sales process due to meeting client ISO requirements

employees globally

controls implemented in 14 clauses

control categories of ISO 27001 & ISO

of organisations worldwide use this

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