Our team has worked in every segment of financial services and beyond over the past three decades. We see the commonalities, the differences, and the specific challenges you face. Our financial services clients range from leading global banks, like Deutsche Bank, Citi Group, and AXA XL, to specialists like Bloomberg, GLEIF, and Clarivate Analytics. Our clients trust us and regularly bring us back to solve more of their data and operating model challenges.

Investment Banking

Investment banking evolves with data’s power. Unlock tailored success with our expertise, leveraging AI and navigating challenges seamlessly.

Wealth Management

Transform your wealth management business using our data prowess: personalised advice, optimised strategies, and secure, client-centric solutions navigating complexities with ease.


Unlocking the future of insurance. Dive into efficiency with cutting-edge data and AI. We drive innovation and compliance, propelling you forward to your vision.

Corporate Banking

Revolutionise your corporate banking business with our data proficiency: efficient operations, satisfied clients, and precise decision-making for the data-driven landscape.

Data Providers

Because we understand data and its use, we are in a unique position to help global providers break or expand into financial services. We can unlock new opportunities and revenue streams.


We help growing FinTechs develop better products and break into financial services. Our FinTech partners offer specialised solutions for your data and operating model challenges.