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The wealth management industry stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, with data emerging as a transformative force. In the current landscape, data not only drives decision-making but also shapes client experiences.

Wealth management firms navigating this data-centric era encounter trends like personalised financial advice, algorithmic trading, and robo-advisors. Opportunities arise for those who adeptly harness data to tailor services and optimise investment strategies.

Simultaneously, challenges such as cybersecurity threats and regulatory complexities demand sophisticated solutions. That’s where we can help. As a specialised data consultancy within financial services, we leverage our expertise in data and AI to guide wealth management companies through complexities, ensuring a secure, efficient, and client-centric journey. 

In this dynamic environment, our expertise in data and AI becomes instrumental. We aid investment management companies in optimising portfolios, enhancing risk assessment, and navigating the evolving financial landscape.  

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Thushan Kumaraswamy
Barclays Wealth / Investec Wealth / LPL Financial

Rajen Madan
JP Morgan / UBS / Deutsche Bank