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In the FinTech arena, the fusion of innovation and data is accelerating change in financial services. Data, a lynchpin, not only steers the course of decision-making but also transforms user experiences. The industry grapples with trends like blockchain, digital wallets, and AI-driven solutions, presenting opportunities for those adept at navigating the data landscape.

We work on both sides of the FinTech divide. Our experience and network in financial services enables us to clearly see the problems that can be helped by FinTech solutions. We also support FinTechs in developing and improving their products, and executing their go-to-market strategy.

Our FinTech clients include from startup firms looking to validate ideas, create designs & prototypes and build MVPs, and larger scaleup firms who need interim C-suite support to execute their growth strategy.

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Thushan Kumaraswamy
modellr / Raven Football

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Coinbase / Symphony