Helping Clarivate Analytics break into the financial services industry

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The Challenge

Clarivate Analytics were looking to move into financial services (FS). However, the FS industry is a notoriously challenging sector to break into, and our client did not have the relevant expertise in-house to confidently enter this market.

The Ask

We were challenged to help the data provider win in this space, by defining the opportunity for its IP data assets within FS and develop a credible go-to-market strategy.

The Approach

We were asked to define the market opportunity in FS, identify relevant use cases and value propositions, all to ensure maximum success.

To ensure that our recommendations would resonate with our target audience, we undertook a deep dive into the FS industry and how it uses third party data. We consulted our network of FS experts to understand their needs and drivers. We validated a set of initial hypotheses and selected a variety of industry use cases where the client’s data could be used.

We developed four specific value propositions for the client’s products, matching the end-user’s needs with the clients potential offering, and identified the best route to market.

We also reviewed their existing data model and found many additional data sources that were needed to ensure the best fit for this new audience.

The Results

To ensure that our client had the best chance of success in this industry, we developed a complete go-to-market strategy, with recommendations to help them implement fundamental business change in their op model, and an accelerated 2 year roadmap to success.

FS experts consulted

FS user cases analysed

new data sources identified

value propositions designed

partner companies reviewed

recommendations made

projects to kick-off

partner companies reviewed

recommendations made

projects to kick-off