Data Profiling

Understanding the data you have and how best to use it

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Financial services firms have a vast store of data available to them, both structured and unstructured, sourced externally or created internally. This provides both challenges and opportunities, but struggle to comprehend what data they have, how good it is, and how best to use it to meet business challenges, such as…

Complying with new regulations

Developing new products

Transforming to digital

Reducing operational costs

Meeting regulatory notices

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Kick Start

Identify critical business processes and core, essential data
In one month

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Review data quality & governance and design a high-level target state
In three months

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Execute the data strategy and ensure your data is understood and can create value
6 months

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Customer Benefits

Accelerated project starts using a consistent knowledge base of what your data is

Reduced costs through quicker business and data analysis

Potential new revenue streams using your own data

Fewer errors due to increased data quality throughout the business

Clearer collaboration between business, change, and IT teams

Reduced duplication of data sources and vendors