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Leading Point led the certification process for external global accreditation ISO 27000 for one of their leading global Distributed Ledger Technology clients. ISO 27001 is an international Information Security Management System standard providing best practice in improving information security and also compliance with GDPR. The COO of Adjoint found Leading Point’s steer in Stage 1 & 2 delivery and execution invaluable: 

“We partnered with Leading Point Financial Markets to define and implement our ISMS. Adjoint selected to partner with Leading Point on this project because they have extensive experience within the FinTech industry, this coupled with the expertise and experience within the information security domain, Leading Point were the obvious choice for this project. What should not be overlooked is Leading Point’s influence and recommendations in deciding the most appropriate certification to go for as well as guidance on what ongoing maintenance would be best suited for our needs and match with those of the global certification provider.”


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About Leading Point Financial Markets:

Leading Point FM is a data-driven business solutions provider for transformative plays in Financial Services. It works with FinTech, RegTech, DataTech on the one hand and established Financial Institutions to deliver smoother, cost effective business operations. Global financial institutions use Leading Point FM for its Think Fast design, domain data assets and unique ability to deploy ML, AL and DLT in functions such as Client Lifecycle Management, Compliance, Legal, Risk and Data Analytics.

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About Adjoint:

Adjoint Treasury is a powerful platform that unifies your treasury workstation, accounting record, and bank systems to enable real-time payments & settlements, cash management & flexible intercompany loans. Gain visibility, increase control and allow for instantaneous transfers without cumbersome reconciliations.