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We had an excellent turn out on Tuesday to Leading Point FM’s inaugural Data Kitchen event!

Practitioners from organisations such as: 10X Banking, LSE, Brevan Howard, Scotiabank, Legal & General, Liberum, Zercuity, Kings College, Oxford, Barclays, JPMorgan, Fundscape, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Adjoint, Citi, UBS, IHS Markit, Consilience, LHV Bank, Capital on Tap.

We thought our panellist ‘chefs’ brought out some brilliant insights from their experiences on how to build a personal brand in their careers as entrepreneurs, data leaders, innovators, VC and business executives.

‘The Recipe’ for building your personal brand in the rapidly evolving data landscape in financial services is:

  1. Delivery – People associate you with the outcomes you deliver and your ability to help others meet their goals and commitments.
  2. Use data to support ‘the mission’ – One of the biggest weaknesses that face professionals regarding data is the ability to tell a story around what it *really* means to their audience.
  3. Communicate – Communicate with relevant stakeholders in business terms and relate the data to the business’ pain or gain.
  4. Focus on the end-user/client – Ultimately, they are the arbiter of your success
  5. Do what you enjoy! – Confidence and passion come from finding what you are good at and success will follow.
  6. Find your ‘quirk’ – Embrace the thing that makes you different. People remember your quirks and respect authenticity.
  7. Balance ‘Fail fast’ with perseverance – People shouldn’t apply ‘fail fast’ mentality to building a bridge. Some things require perseverance, planning, problem solving and delivery.
  8. Experimentation – Knowing which skills and roles fit you best is a matter of trial and error. Take on a variety of roles and see which fits best. You’ll grow in skills and capabilities. Always up-skill and re-skill as the situation and market changes.

We had plenty of ideas from the community on topics, games and live solutions for the next Data Kitchen – Watch this space!

Register interest for the October Session here: https://bit.ly/2Yx5t7T