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Data & Risk: Have you left the stove on?

Data, Data, Data. Whether it’s ‘Big’, ‘Structured’, ‘Personal’ or ‘Meta’, in a lake, silo or vault – More data was created in the last 5 years than in the entirety of human history. Whether it’s on your smartphone, excel, social media or tableau, people are interacting with more and more data every day.

The rapid adoption of new technology, such as artificial intelligence or the cloud has provided more and more complex data risks for organisations. While addressing concerns on data privacy and the ethical use of data are now priorities, businesses continue to digitise and become more data driven.

With many (and increasing) high profile data breaches, Information Security & Cyber risk are now (or should be) board level priorities.

Come to the Data Kitchen to discuss:

  • What are the key business data risk challenges in the next 5 years?
  • How does (or should) Information Security fit within organisations?
  • What is working, what is not?
  • How do you know your data infrastructure is fit for purpose?
  • Where does technology come into the picture?

Why should you come?

  • Learn from experienced FS practitioners about how they have delivered business initiatives with data as an asset
  • Share ideas on how you can position yourself in the dynamic world of data
  • Network with like-minded people from FS, Fintech, VC’s, and Data-Innovators and gain insights on career paths
  • Whether you are a recent graduate, a businessperson, a technologist, a data scientist or just work on data initiatives, come along to meet like-minded people.

Introducing The Data Kitchen

Food | The Kitchen is where people gather to eat, drink and spend time with family. But it is also a place of work. You can do both at the Data Kitchen.

Data | The Data Kitchen is a community of people interested in, or working with, data in Financial Services. Every event focuses on a different theme related to data as an asset or data as a liability and related innovative topics within Financial Services.

Community | We aim to provide a warm, conversational atmosphere to share ideas, learn and network over drinks and hot food. Our events are free and open to everyone.

Insight | The events are a great opportunity to listen to fascinating insight on the modern developments in data-innovations, AI, DLT in the industry through experiences of FS and Fintech professionals.

Tickets are available on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

Future Events

November 2019 Hester Blumenthal or Hairy Biker – Does data need ‘science’?

January 2020 Burrito vs Pastry chef – Does data need to be fancy?

February 2020 Farm to table for Data – How important are your data sources?

March 2020 Data Lasagne – Many cheesy layers?

April 2020 The Data Practitioners Cookbook